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I'm Julie Froelich, and I'm just a maker and shaker spreading design love across the internet.  I help build brands for business small and large, check out my personal design work at jjarrett.com for more projects.




Contact: jarrett(dot)julieanna(at)gmail.com

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Creative background and inspiration

I've decided to share my own personal branding assets in an effort to spread the successes I've found in them.  Sprucing up a resume to be uniquely and cleanly designed can make all the difference.  Purchasing a small photography pack can boost your online presence, social media following, and overall engagement.  Beauty sells, so let's make beautiful online experiences together!


You'll notice my love for water, palm trees, sand, and overall tropical inspirations.  Blues, greens, and above all white tones take over for a modern oceanic look.  These are a few of my favorite things, but don't let that dissuade you.  I can accommodate all kinds of creative styles and aesthetics.


Looking for something custom?

Our studio is happy to take on any custom requests in a timely manner.  Please get in touch asap to receive a custom quote for your project.